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Biometric Security

What is a biometric security system?


Biometric security systems identify individuals using those physical attributes that are 100% unique to that person. Using this type of data is much safer than other conventional identification methods.


Where is it found?

This type of security is used by some of the most secure locations in the world. Places like banks, hospitals or government institutions use this level of security.

Urban Einstein Fingerprint access

Urban Einstein has fingerprint scanners at all its main entrances, enabling residents to access the premises at any time with complete peace of mind.

The future of student accommodation

Urban Einstein prides itself on being at the forefront of developments in the student residential sphere. Want to know more about biometric security? View Biometric Security

Advantages of biometric security:

  • Access via finger print means there's no key to lose
  • 100% unique to each individual and non-transferrable
  • Convenient, fast access from Braamfontein's busy streets
  • Highly secure: 24/7
  • Urban Einstein promise

    Get unparalleled peace of mind from start to finish of your stay

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